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Back to School Kit Info

Have Your School Supplies Delivered to Class at the Beginning of the Year!


The teachers have put their fall classroom student supply lists together early, so that you can purchase your student's fall Back to School Kit online for the 2019-20 school year and it will be delivered to your classroom at the beginning of the year.

Why buy the supplies through this program? The PTA has worked with the teachers to develop this program because:

  • Teachers count on having uniform supplies per child, for demonstration purposes, and for ease of instruction and preparation for lessons.
  • Knowing that all children have the same resources really helps the teacher’s save time when it comes to delivering and preparing quality instruction.
  • Teachers also rely on these supplies to get children through a year of academics that include subject matter study, as well as projects involving learning through creativity and artistic expression.

Each fall, children eagerly open their supply kits and use the supplies inside for all kinds of class activities. So please help the teachers out and order your kit ahead of time, so they can get their classrooms all set up for this year!

Here's how it works:

  • Our teachers have selected the items in each Back to School Kit, so you know you are getting exactly what they want your child to have. No more searching for those certain hard to find items, and there will be no additional supply items to purchase at the beginning of the year.
  • The Back to School Kits will be given to your child in their classroom on the first day of school. All you have to do is order your kit and you are all set!  The items will not be sent home -- they will be stored at your child's desk or elsewhere in the classroom.
  • Pricing is competitive, plus you will be getting the added benefits of saving gas and time shopping for the items, having the items delivered right to your classroom, and providing added funds for the Park PTA as well!
  • It doesn't matter which teacher your child has, because the Back to School Kits are the same across grade levels. The teachers have provided the full list of items that they need or will be requesting that their students have for the year.  Some items in the Back to School Kits may be pooled and shared by the class.

How to participate:

Go to the "Back to School Kits" section of this website. Find the Back to School Kit for your child's grade level, check out using Paypal, and you are set for fall. It's that easy and you can feel great about giving money back to your school!

If you have questions about the Back to School Kit program email Niki Fong at ms.pascua@gmail.com. If you have any problems ordering on the Park PTA Store website, email the PTA Store Administrator by using the "Contact Us" Page.